&ldquoHow do you wish to be coached by a web based millionaire&hellip? And rather than pay $5,000 or more upfront, suppose you have access to coached first at no cost &ndash and after that pay just as soon as you generate income?&rdquo Is really a direct quote from Russell Brunson, the founding father of DotComSecrets concerning his latest launch DotComSecrets X. But is this a real statement? This aritcle will help you determine that question yourself.

In case you&rsquove been working to make money online for any period of time this quote about DotComSecrets X might appear to be fiction or some other crafty pitch to obtain your attention. That&rsquos because seldom does a successful entrepreneur &ndash especially individuals who&rsquos success is achieved online &ndash consent to coach everyone for nothing.

After they do, there&rsquos Usually a concealed agenda that unsuspecting marketer wannabees only realize in hindsight, usually after 4 seasons while adding in the expense side of their balance sheet. The stark reality becomes apparent in the event the income side from the balance sheet is designed in invisible ink. The good thing? At least you have sufficient write offs.

But we&rsquore not with this game to accomplish &ldquowrite-offs&rdquo. We&rsquore in this game because the world thinks whole heartedly that there’s a better strategy to enjoy life on our own terms, with more freedom and more stability.

So does DotComSecrets X meet this promise or possibly it another repackaged &ldquoguru&rdquo scam made to fill you with hope and rob you of your hard-earned money?

I went inside to understand the facts.

DotComSecrets X &ndash My First Month in Review

I&rsquove been playing the DotComSecrets X program now for about one month, checking out the training videos daily, establishing my free lead capture pages, my opt-in codes and auto-responders, establishing my solo ads, doing the conversations in the Facebook Group, the whole experience.

I&rsquove learned many things I didn&rsquot know or at least would have to be reminded of. I came across this software to meet the &ldquohype&rdquo with regards to exactly what it plans to deliver and while there are a few upsells in the process, I handed down them all. And without upsells which are made to shortcut your learning curve, Russell Brunson covered each of the basis with this program.

If I used to be given the ability to engage in this higher level of a program couple of years ago when I began website marketing &ndash after having a long and prolific career in mortgage banking I&rsquod have spent considerably less cash on training and believe I&rsquod be farther ahead during my internet marketing journey.

So Although I had been skeptical at first, I have to get the program a reasonably solid A-.

Here&rsquos things i feel are the Top 10 Report on Reasons Which Make DotComSecrets X worth the $1.00 Investment and thirty days of Your Time:

10) Free DCS monthly Journal – monthly or maybe semi-monthly magazine that is about online marketing.
9) Millions of video training on sets from hosting accounts to doing ad-swaps and everything in between.
8) Training on doing solo ads to develop a list extremely fast.
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